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How to Create an Automated Linked Summary | Excel Hints & Tips

When working within Excel there is a handy way to create a summary that does not require you manually having to link to each of the cells required.

In the above example there is data for four regions on the left hand side, each with a total for that region.

If we wanted to create a summary of these totals then usually we'd have to manually link to each total to create our summary, however, there is another way!

You can actually take advantage of a feature within Excel called 'Paste Link' which enables you to be able to create the summary automatically.

To do this you want to select the total for each region (and the adjacent title), you can do this by holding down CTRL on Windows or the COMMAND button on MAC, once you have your ranges selected you can then go into the Paste Special menu and click on 'Paste Link' at the bottom of the options box.

As you can on the example I have posted, this then creates the summary automatically, with the advantage being that both the titles and values in the automated summary are now linked formulas referring back to actual data set itself.

This means that if the titles or the values changed on your data set then your summary would automatically update too. This is a great time saver and comes in very handy.

You can also use this method to link to a single cell and it can be handy when linking across tabs and can reduce the risk of accidentally referring to an incorrect cell when manually linking.

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