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We are Excel experts and can help you unlock its potential and have extensive experience of providing all manner of Excel development needs to clients of all sizes, from owner managed businesses, to FTSE clients.

Our Excel developers can help with projects of all sizes and can help you drive efficiency and reduce costs, whilst providing intuitive, robust solutions and stunning visuals.

Speak to a friendly expert Excel consultant today to see how we can assist you with your Excel spreadsheet needs.


We understand that every business is different.  We do not sell or regurgitate ready made templates and models.

Our Excel consultants take time to understand your requirements and then develop a solution bespoke to you.

All of our solutions are designed specifically for your business, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs.

We specialist in creating solutions that save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency. 


Extending the functionality of Excel even further is the powerful integrated programming language of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

This extends functionality by allowing 'Macros' to be programmed that can not only automate repetitive tasks, but also allow you to build custom tools & entire applications.

If you have an idea, chances are our Excel Developers can turn this into reality using the power of VBA.


As well as helping with new solutions, our consultants can also deal with existing problems!

Maybe an employee has left and left a model behind that no one understands?  Or maybe you need assistance with regularly updating models or reporting?  If so, speak to us to see how we can assist you with your support and development needs.

Our Excel consultants are experts in unpicking and understanding complex spreadsheets.  

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